Common Family Fish Riddles With Answers 

Family Fish Riddles

OK, it’s time for a break. Learning about catching fish is serious business. When was the last time you had a family fish riddle? During the COVID-19 pandemic here and all over the world people spent a lot of time online enjoying interesting entertainment. We did too! We spent some time looking at things other … Read more

Why Does Sushi Make Me Poop Frequently?

Why Does Sushi Make Me Poop

There are a couple of reasons sushi can make you poop frequently. Raw or undercooked saltwater fish of any kind can contain roundworms. These are parasites living in the tissues of the fish, often in the muscle.When we eat sushi, we eat these larvae and they survive inside us for a short while, attaching themselves … Read more

6 Strange Fish With Overbite and Dangerous Teeth

Fish With Overbite

We all know that mammals need to chew their food completely to help start the digestion process, and that’s why they have strong teeth that can tear and grind food. Breaking down the food in the mouth first helps digestion later.But did you know that some aquatic animals, including some strange fish, also have teeth … Read more

Is It Illegal to Eat Koi Fish in Japan?

Is It Illegal to Eat Koi Fish in Japan?

Because Koi fish are associated with Japanese culture in Japan, many people wonder whether it is illegal to eat Koi fish in Japan. In their country, Koi fish are given a place of privilege for their brilliant whites and colors. They are found in ponds at Buddhist shrines, parks, and private homes.It is not illegal … Read more