Best Surf Fishing Reels in 2023 with Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Surf Fishing Reels

The best surf fishing reels in 2023 are absolutely full of a variety of technology and functionality that will help you catch more fish and enjoy fishing even more than you do now.Every surf reel below has the basics down, but each one has something special about it or a lot of special things that … Read more

Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster Explained: Which Is Better and Why?

Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster

Some people argue over which one is better, the spinning reel vs baitcaster reel. Some people refuse to use one or the other. Still, others have both and use them as needed.Which reel is better for your fishing activity?The answer is, you must decide which reel is best for how you’re fishing. Most of us … Read more

What size reel for surf fishing?

What Size Reel For Surf Fishing

What size reel for surf fishing? That all depends on the species of fish that you are after, but there are sizes of reels that can accommodate most species.In this article, we will cover the what size spinning reel for surf fishing and what size conventional reel for surf fishing. We will also give you … Read more

Florida Surf Fishing Species and How To Catch Them

Florida Surf Fishing Species

One of the coolest things about living in Florida is the sheer number of Florida surf fishing species that can be caught from the beach. There are many more we haven’t added to this list of 15, but this is a good “Top 15” list of fish that can regularly be caught while fishing from … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Surf Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

Surf Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

Surf fishing on Florida’s Gulf Coast is a thrilling experience that combines the excitement of fishing with the serenity of miles of sandy coastline and crystal-clear breaking waves. Thousands of visitors and locals flock to the Gulf Coast of Florida to spend time beach fishing in these fish-filled waters.In this guide to surf fishing Florida … Read more

5 Types of Fishing Reels and How To Use Them

Types Of Fishing Reels

Using the right types of fishing reels can make fishing a lot more enjoyable! There may be nothing worse than showing up at the fishing section of your favorite store and not knowing what types of reels and rods match the kind of fishing you intend to do.How will you know what reels and rods … Read more

Best Conventional Reels for Surf Fishing With Reviews(2023)

Best Conventional Reel For Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is one of the most popular ways to get out on some saltwater and catch some fish. Many of us live near a coast, or within driving distance of some open water and surf fishing is allowed in most places. Our experts share their top picks for best conventional reels for surf fishing, … Read more

How To Catch Peacock Bass In Florida

South Florida Peacock Bass

Peacock bass are one of the most popular fish to catch in South Florida. They’re large, beautiful, and very aggressive predators that feed on a variety of species such as shiners and even small turtles. These fish are true amazons, with brilliant colors and a ferocious appetite. But if you want to catch these magnificent creatures … Read more

Florida Keys Fishing Reports

John VanDerLaan with a Florida Keys Sailfish

Florida Keys Fishing Report 9-13-22Great Day Fishing In Islamorada 9-13-22 We had a great day fishing offshore in Islamorada Florida. We live in Naples, so we keep an eye on the weather and when we see a couple of days with light winds, we plan a trip to the keys. We were fishing with Captain … Read more

How To Fish For Walleye-Ultimate Guide On How To Catch Walleye

Angler with a nice walleye

Walleye is one of the best-eating fish there is. They can also be one of the most elusive fish to catch until you learn how to locate them in the different seasons. In this article, you will learn how to fish for walleye and more importantly, how to catch walleye consistently.The walleye is a prevalent … Read more