Common Family Fish Riddles With Answers 

OK, it’s time for a break. Learning about catching fish is serious business. When was the last time you had a family fish riddle? During the COVID-19 pandemic here and all over the world people spent a lot of time online enjoying interesting entertainment. We did too!

We spent some time looking at things other than how to fish and fishing gear and found a few things that we’d like to share with you. 

You may or may not have heard of these riddles before, and we’re guessing most of these are brand new. We’re hoping anyway. Here are the answers to some common family fish riddles – even including the answer to the two fathers and two sons fishing riddle that you may have heard when you were young like we did.

It would be a lot of fun to read these with your kids and see if they can guess the answer to any of them. Also, share with friends and be the life of the party. Ha-ha! And since the family fish riddle is now the brand-new buzz online, don’t forget to share this with your pals!

Riddle 1 

Two fathers and their sons went fishing together at a local lake. Each of them caught one fish. At the end of the fishing trip, they had three fish in total. How is that possible?

The Answer – There are three men: 

  • A grandfather
  • A father (grandfather’s son)
  • Father’s son

Riddle 2

This thing is really strange. It can break when placed in water but cannot break when placed on land. What Is this odd thing?

The Answer – A wave!

Riddle 3

A huge 18-wheeler truck that weighs 25,000 lb. is driving across a bridge that only has the maximum load of the same weight – 25,000 lb.

At the halfway point of the bridge as the truck drives across it, a little seagull weighing 2 lb. flies inside the truck’s open window and lands on the dashboard. The driver screams because he knows he is over the limit. He waits for the bridge to collapse.

However, the bridge doesn’t crash into the water. Why is that?

The Answer: Since the bridge spans a 7-mile long span over the ocean, the halfway point is at 3.5 miles. For a big and heavy truck like this, the gas mileage is about 7 miles to the gallon. A gallon of diesel weighs about 7 lb.

The truck had already burned a half-gallon of diesel fuel while driving over the first half of the bridge. That amount of diesel fuel weighed about 3.5 lb. The bird would have had to weigh more than the fuel burned to destroy the bridge, but it didn’t!

Riddle 4

OK, this one isn’t tricky but you have to know math to solve this fishing riddle!

Penelope goes out for a long bicycle ride on her new bike in the afternoon. She bikes for 1 hour at 5 miles per hour. Then for 3 hours, she averages 4 miles per hour. Finally, she rides for 2 more hours at 7 miles per hour on average. What is the total distance Penelope rode her bicycle?

The Answer – The total distance covered is 31 miles

  • One hour at 5 miles an hour = 5 miles
  • Three hours at four miles an hour = 12 miles
  • Two hours at seven miles an hour = 14 miles

Total = 14+ 12 + 5 = 31 miles

Riddle 5

This one is the shortest riddle ever. Scroll down under the image below to see the answer.

What’s the most expensive fish?

The Answer – a GOLDfish!


What are the common characteristics of fish?

All fish live in water and have backbones (vertebrae). For this reason, they are called vertebrates. Most fish share some common characteristics, but others are quite different. Fish with fins like kingfish, pompano, redfish, sheepshead, and hundreds of others have gills and scales. Fish reproduce by laying eggs that are fertilized by the male later.

Do fish sleep or take naps?

Fish do not sleep in the way land mammals sleep. They rest regularly, slowing their metabolism and movements but remaining awake and alert to unexpected danger. During rest, some fish float on the water, some can hide in coral or mud where they are well protected, and some create a nest on the bottom.

Wrapping Up

Having read through and thoroughly enjoyed these common family fish riddles and memorizing the correct answers, you’ll be able to share them with your friends during the next pandemic! Practice these riddles regularly and let us know if you hear any more. There really aren’t too many good riddles about fishing out there! 

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