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Meet The Team

Below you will find our team of fishing experts who love to share their knowledge with our readers.

Jack Parker with a trophy steelhead

John VanDerLaan

John VanDerLaan is the founder and lead editor at Fisherman's Authority. John is a passionate fisherman whose travels have taken him all over the country in search of different species of gamefish. He has won bass fishing tournaments, including the 1987 Candlewood Classic. He also chases winter steelhead in upstate New York, summer stripers in New England and spends a lot of time fishing the waters of Florida Keys. John is an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association Of America.

You can reach John by email at john@fishermansauthority.com

Jack Parker Trophy Largenouth Bass

Jack Parker

Jack Parker is an associate editor at Fisherman's Authority. Jack loves fishing lakes, rivers, streams and ponds for largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, crappie, panfish and anything else he can get to take a bait. Jack loves to share his fishing expertise with those that want to learn new methods and tactics for catching fish. He also loves to test out and rate new equipment.

You can reach Jack by email at jack@fishermansauthority.com

Jimmy Martin with a trophy smallmouth bass

Jimmy Martin

Jimmy is an outdoor writer and frequent contributor to Fisherman's Authority. Jimmy fishes 12 months a year and is an expert in bass fishing, panfish, catfishing and more. He loves to fish from his boat, but he also does a lot of fishing from the banks of rivers and the shoreline of lakes and ponds. Jimmy is proud to share his methods with others, so that they can enjoy the outdoors with their friends and family. He has a passion for introducing kids to the outdoors and the sport of fishing.

You can reach Jimmy by email at jmmy@fishermansauthority.com

Clarence Fish Fishburne With a Catfish

Clarence "Fish" Fishburne

Fish grew up in the south fishing for catfish, bream, bass and anything else he could get to bite his bait or lure. After college he moved to Maryland and now fishes the Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay and other waters in the surrounding area. He frequently travels to other parts of the country in search of his favorite gamefish, the elusive catfish.

You can reach Fish by email at fish@fishermansauthority.com

Brian Hopkins

Brian Hopkins

Brian is an outdoor writer and the youngest member of our team, but he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fishing and different techniques for catching different species. He shares valuable information that the younger generation can relate to. When he is not fishing, you can find him hanging with his friends and gaming on his computer.

You can reach Brian by email at brian@fishermansauthority.com