Florida Surf Fishing Species and How To Catch Them

Florida Surf Fishing Species

One of the coolest things about living in Florida is the sheer number of Florida surf fishing species that can be caught from the beach. There are many more we haven’t added to this list of 15, but this is a good “Top 15” list of fish that can regularly be caught while fishing from … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Surf Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

Surf Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

Surf fishing on Florida’s Gulf Coast is a thrilling experience that combines the excitement of fishing with the serenity of miles of sandy coastline and crystal-clear breaking waves. Thousands of visitors and locals flock to the Gulf Coast of Florida to spend time beach fishing in these fish-filled waters.In this guide to surf fishing Florida … Read more

How To Catch Peacock Bass In Florida

South Florida Peacock Bass

Peacock bass are one of the most popular fish to catch in South Florida. They’re large, beautiful, and very aggressive predators that feed on a variety of species such as shiners and even small turtles. These fish are true amazons, with brilliant colors and a ferocious appetite. But if you want to catch these magnificent creatures … Read more

How To Fish For Walleye-Ultimate Guide On How To Catch Walleye

Angler with a nice walleye

Walleye is one of the best-eating fish there is. They can also be one of the most elusive fish to catch until you learn how to locate them in the different seasons. In this article, you will learn how to fish for walleye and more importantly, how to catch walleye consistently.The walleye is a prevalent … Read more

Top 5 Severn River Fishing Hotspots

Severn River Fishing Hotspots

The Severn River is a major tidal estuary flowing into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It is a popular spot for boating and fishing and is home to a large variety of plant, animal, and marine life. In this article we’ll cover some of the best Severn River fishing hotspots you’ll find in this amazing … Read more

Chunking For Tuna: Expert Tips 

Chunking For Tuna

Experienced anglers who love fishing for yellowfin and bluefin tuna up and down the eastern coast of the United States have learned the tricks used to catch more tuna over the years. Chunking for tuna is one of the favorite pastimes of many experienced anglers because it’s great to eat and it’s great for putting … Read more

Best Patuxent River Fishing Spots

Best Patuxent River Fishing Spots

The main tributaries that feed the Patuxent River include Mattaponi Creek, Little Patuxent River, Western Branch, and the Davidsonville Branch. The Patuxent River bisects the shore of the State of Maryland south to the north. If you’re passionate about angling, you can find many catfish, bluefish, pickerel, largemouth bass, snakehead, and bass in this river. … Read more

How To Catch Spanish Mackerel Like a Pro

How To Catch Spanish Mackerel

If you’ve spent time fishing along the Atlantic seaboard or Gulf Coast of Florida or just about anywhere up the east coast of the US, you have probably hooked into some Spanish mackerel. They are everywhere when migrating and it’s hard not to catch some! But how to catch Spanish mackerel? That’s the question we’ll … Read more

How To Determine Trolling Weight To Depth Ratio

How To Determine Trolling Weight To Depth Ratio

The most efficient way to cover a large area of water in the quickest amount of time or the most thoroughly is by trolling. Nothing else is going to get you more fish in a shorter amount of time except maybe using dynamite. Trolling weight to depth ratio is an important concept to understand before … Read more

Deep Dropping For Swordfish

Deep Dropping For Swordfish

One of the most challenging and biggest fish you’ll ever have the chance to catch in your life is the mighty swordfish. There aren’t too many fish you have to be very careful about pulling onto the boat, but this is one of them. People die catching even small swordfish. They can launch themselves out … Read more