Top 5 Severn River Fishing Hotspots

Severn River Fishing Hotspots

The Severn River is a major tidal estuary flowing into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It is a popular spot for boating and fishing and is home to a large variety of plant, animal, and marine life. In this article we’ll cover some of the best Severn River fishing hotspots you’ll find in this amazing … Read more

Are Shakespeare Rods Good?

Are Shakespeare Rods Good

Shakespeare is a manufacturer of some of the best fishing rods in the industry. The company offers a wide range of options to fit the unique needs of novice and experienced anglers. Versatility, affordability, sustainability, and efficiency are their working keywords. But are Shakespeare rods good? This guide seeks to shed more light on Shakespeare fishing … Read more

Best Patuxent River Fishing Spots

Best Patuxent River Fishing Spots

The main tributaries that feed the Patuxent River include Mattaponi Creek, Little Patuxent River, Western Branch, and the Davidsonville Branch. The Patuxent River bisects the shore of the State of Maryland south to the north. If you’re passionate about angling, you can find many catfish, bluefish, pickerel, largemouth bass, snakehead, and bass in this river. … Read more

Lower Chesapeake Bay Fishing Hot Spots

Lower Chesapeake Bay Fishing Hot Spots

Chesapeake Bay is a large bay on the U.S. east coast that borders three states and spans a length of about 200 miles long from Havre De Grace, Maryland at the northernmost tip all the way down to Norfolk, Virginia at the southern tip. The lower half of the bay is considered by many people … Read more

How The Medieval Fishing Rod Evolved

Fishing Rod Evolved

Medieval fishing rods were used during the old decades when the book “Treatyse of Fishing with an Angle” was first published. This book remains to be the oldest printed book on fishing that exists today. It gives tips on how to construct a fly-fishing rod and line, how you should tie a fly and some … Read more

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp Fish?

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp

Carp are an invasive species in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They are non-native species that have been introduced into waterways and in some cases took them over and pushed out native fish species. Many programs have been tried in an attempt to kill carp fish and there are more in development. One of … Read more

Are Ugly Stik Rods Good? Don’t Buy One Until You Read This!

Are Ugly Stik Rods Good

Written By Clarence “Fish” FishburneJuly 15, 2022*We may earn revenue from the products available on this site and participate in affiliate programs Are Ugly Stik Rods Good? Our team of experts that have been using these rods since they were first introduced in 1976 share their opinions on Ugly Stik rods. We have used these rods for … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Bowfishing Snakehead

Bowfishing Snakehead

If you live in a snakehead-infested area like Florida, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Arkansas, you may be used to catching these invasive fish on snakehead lures, but another method that is becoming increasing popular is bowfishing snakehead. Bowfishing is like a combination of hunting and fishing.  You utilize special bows and arrows … Read more

Best Snakehead Lures and Baits

Snakehead with a frog lure in its mouth

Snakeheads are an invasive fish species that predominantly inhabits freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers. There are two species of snakehead in the United States, the Northern Snakehead and the Bullseye Snakehead. We will take an in-depth look at the best snakehead lures and baits for both species. The Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) now has established populations in … Read more

Snakehead Fry Recipe

Fried Snakehead

If you’ve ever eaten fried snakehead fish, you’ll agree it’s delicious. The firm, white, flaky meat is perfect to enjoy for a fish fry. We love to catch them and we love to eat them, so today we are going to share our favorite snakehead fry recipe. It is a very easy recipe and your family … Read more