Small Boat Stabilizers for Safe Fishing

Small Boat Stabilizer

Fishing from a boat can be the most enjoyable way to spend a day but when the boat is rocking back and forth too much the experience can go bad quickly. Who hasn’t been affected by seasickness? Today, we have remedies like Dramamine and Nei-Kuan acupressure wristbands that can treat some nausea, and now through … Read more

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak Review

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak is a feature-rich fishing kayak manufactured by Vibe Kayaks. The 2021 model was revamped into a modern-day angler’s dream that features four gear tracks for attaching different gears, a cool magnetic base, and a large center console. Even though the fishing kayak only has two built-in rod holders, … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Repower A Boat?

How Much Does It Cost To Repower A Boat

Repowering a boat will save you money and extend the lifespan of your fishing vessel. Simply rebuilding the engine or purchasing a different engine are great ways to avoid investing in a new boat.Boats last for decades, even the ones built today. You can extend the lifespan of your boat by repowering it. It can … Read more

Carolina Skiff Review: Key Features and Competing Models

Carolina Skiff Review

Carolina Skiff boat manufacturers make some of the best-value fiberglass boats on the market. They have carefully chosen solid features and eliminated some of the bells and whistles that are added to competitors’ boats as standard but which make them too expensive.With Carolina Skiff, you can count on boats being affordable with adequate features and … Read more

Best Prowler Trolling Motor and How to Use It

Prowler Trolling Motor

Based on our study and years on the water, the best Prowler trolling motor is the Bass Pro Shops Prowler model.Whether you prefer the bow-mounted or transom-mounted version of the electric Prowler trolling motor, you can rely on this well-built motor to get you where you’re going whether fishing recreationally or commercially.Both Bass Pro trolling … Read more

Technical Poling Skiffs for Fishing Shallow Waters

Technical Poling Skiffs

Fishing in shallow water from a flats boat is one of the hobby’s most challenging activities, but it can be exciting too because you must go totally stealth-mode to catch something in really shallow water.The shallower the water the more skittish the fish are and less likely to bite even if you have live bait. … Read more

Where Can I Get a Jon Boat Poling Platform?

Jon Boat Poling Platform

It’s kind of a shame to have a Jon boat without a decent poling platform for poling on the flats, isn’t it? Jon boats are very small flat-bottomed boats, ideal for lakes and ocean flats. But, how could you make it even more ideal? Stick a poling platform on it so you can silently stalk … Read more

Cheap Poling Platform DIY Ideas

Cheap Poling Platform

If you’re a fishing enthusiast trying to find a cheap poling platform DIY idea on a budget, you are not alone! Many new skiff, Jon Boat, and Gheenoe owners feel like they’ve spent plenty of money and just can’t see spending another $500-1,000 on a custom poling platform for their boat.Unless you weld yourself, the … Read more

Top Skiff Boat Manufacturers

Skiff Boat Manufacturers

If you are a boating enthusiast, you need a skiff boat that meets your boating needs. A fundamental hallmark of all skiff boats is simplicity. There are many boating manufacturers specializing in technical poling skiffs, but not all of them match up in terms of durability and functionality. This guide makes it easier for you … Read more