Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak Review

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak is a feature-rich fishing kayak manufactured by Vibe Kayaks. The 2021 model was revamped into a modern-day angler’s dream that features four gear tracks for attaching different gears, a cool magnetic base, and a large center console. Even though the fishing kayak only has two built-in rod holders, it has a built-in rudder and a wide hull that enhances its performance. With a weight capacity of 550 pounds, you can rest assured of having a great fishing trip with a group of friends on the waters. In this Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak review, you’ll learn more about the features of the kayak.

Key Features of the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak

  • Made from Polyethylene
  • Blue Camo in color
  • Weighs 75 lbs. /34 kg
  • Solo configuration
  • Sit-on-top fishing kayak design
  • Weight capacity of 550 lbs. /249 kg

What We Like

  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and professionals anglers
  • Built-in fishfinder transducer port
  • Ample storage options
  • Perfect for various water conditions, including oceans, lakes, and rivers
  • Two flush-mount rod holders
  • Sufficient weight capacity at 550 pounds
  • Incredibly stable
  • Comes with a built-in rudder
  • Reasonable price
  • Provides great mounting options
  • Comfortable seat

What We Don’t Like

  • It is quite heavy

Can You Stand On The Vibe Sea Ghost 130?

If you and your friends or family members have a good balance, it’s easy to stand on the fishing kayak while fishing. The two different height settings and the secondary stability of the Sea Ghost means that you can feel safe at either height no matter how you choose to sit. The seat reclines easily using just two straps, and a hook-in bungee system is handy for quick and easy setup and disassembly of the seat.

One of the most important things about a fishing kayak is having a comfortable and stable seat. Sea Ghost holds a maximum weight of 550 pounds. This kayak can handle your load even if you are extremely heavy and weigh between 350-400 pounds. Aside from that, you can still bring some other gear on board.

How Much Does A Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Cost?

When shopping for a good fishing boat or kayak, price shouldn’t be your point of focus because even the cheapest options offer great performance and vice versa. However, if you’re specifically looking for an affordable fishing kayak that is full of amazing features, then the Sea Ghost 130 offers you the best solution.

The cost of the Sea Ghost model has increased substantially. It is now estimated that the new model will cost around $1000. Reviewing different price ranges for kayaks puts Sea Ghost somewhere in the middle of the market. However, considering this kayak’s value, it places it above its competition. But, when you consider the price and value of this kayak, it’s very much worth it.

There are some good things about the Sea Ghost 130’s tough plastic hull. For example, it can absorb the impact of many hard impacts. However, that doesn’t mean paddlers shouldn’t be careful not to force themselves too hard into rocks or other obstacles, even with this sturdy beast. Remember, you can prolong the life of your fishing kayak by carrying it with you to the water instead of dragging it. This is a stable and durable kayak that is so wide yet easily transportable anywhere you want to go.

Despite all the extra customization options on the kayaks on the market, including rudders and scuppers, this kayak remains reasonably priced. Along with the fact that you can fish in all sorts of waters, this kayak is very attractive to anglers looking to fish in different environments.

Sea Ghost 130
Sea Ghost 130

Does The Sea Ghost 130 Come With A Paddle?

It is possible to fish from any kayak, but fishing kayaks are often equipped with special accessories that make it much easier to fish. Apart from its very large console, the Sea Ghost 130 also has two paddle-keeps on each side and on the bow, a rear cargo stowage, four top-loading gear racks with bungee-hold, a waterproof bow hatch, two flush-mount rod holders, and a hole in the side for cable trays.

It’s easy to be skeptical about a boat that costs around $1,000, just like the Sea Ghost 130, especially compared to a kayak that runs on peddle power. But you won’t have to worry about a pedal drive crashing into a submerged log or hard rock when you pull it out to fish or taking up valuable deck space when you pull it out to take a break. If you want to fish for a while, this might not be your best boat. 

But lakes, inshore shorelines, and rivers are always great places to fish, and the Sea Ghost 130 makes fishing in those places a breeze. Vibe Kayaks is a brand that doesn’t focus on drama in its productions, and that is why the Sea Ghost 130 is designed for an adventure lifestyle.

It weighs 75 pounds and measures 13 feet long. This, combined with the heavy-duty hull design, makes carrying this kayak on your own a tough task. The kayak’s weight is fairly heavy, but having four handles makes it easier to transport as a group. It would be useful to place a skid or similar protection on the hull to protect it from damage and allow it to be pulled over more surfaces.

It has a 33-inch beam that allows you to fish from a comfortable spot on the water. Adding a self-installing rudder to a kayak that already handles very well is just as important as having a boat that stays stable and turns smoothly. Even when there are strong waves, we found the rudder to be more of a bonus than a necessity. One of the most important things about a kayak for fishing is how it sits. The seat of the Vibe Hero is very comfortable and allows you to paddle and fish comfortably.

Adding a self-installing rudder to a kayak that already handles very well is just as important as having a boat that stays stable and turns smoothly. There’s a rudder system that you can easily install yourself, and it helps you turn the boat around effortlessly. A fishing kayak that has done astoundingly well, such as the Sea Ghost 130, can turn precisely when you need it to, even in heavy winds.

What Makes Sea Ghost 130 Perfect for Fishing?

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The kayak’s wide, stable design allows anglers to fish in all kinds of water conditions without too much difficulty. Moreover, the rudder minimizes drifting on big waves and in strong tides. Under the central console are two storage compartments with shelves holding the gear you need to use.  

On top of the console are four gear tracks that allow you to mount various types of equipment to be used while fishing, such as a fish finder. In addition, a large, watertight bow hatch is great for storing anything you want.

The Sea Ghost 130 comes with two-rod holders that are great when you need a break from casting or while you are preparing to haul in your catch. Caps on the rod holders allow you to keep the water out of the holders when not in use. Diverse mounts can be mounted to the tracks to hold a variety of different equipment, from cameras to fishing rods.

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Here are some other features that make the Sea Ghost 130 perfect for fishing:

1. Comfort

If you’ve ever sat in some poorly designed and uncomfortable seats on kayaks, you’ll know that the Sea Ghost 130 is extremely comfortable. Most people are not comfortable with cramped seats with extra padding or similar features. You’ll admit that the seat on the Sea Ghost 130 is one of the most comfortable you’ve ever experienced. It’s also called the hero seat because it provides great support and a comfortable mesh cover that keeps you cool and dry quickly. The seat is adjustable and can be set high or low depending on height. You can also adjust the stiffness of the seat using easy-to-adjust straps. It can even be folded up if that’s what you want.

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However, the sit-on-top and open cockpit design mean that you’re vulnerable to any water that splashes off the boat while you’re fishing. Sea Ghost 130 is limited to warm water fishing trips because the open cockpit and sit-on-top design make you vulnerable to any water splashes aboard. If you don’t have a good wet suit or some other heavy-duty rain gear, I would not recommend it for cold-water fishing trips.

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2. Speed

The Sea Ghost 130 kayak is strong enough to hold its speed in windy or choppy conditions. If you’re a cautious kayaker, especially in the ocean, you’ll always pay attention to the weather. The Sea Ghost 130 is strong enough to handle turbulent water and won’t lose too much speed when the weather changes. It’s a great kayak for getting around but very slow for paddling calm waters. You may find that to be a downside if you like to fish in many different waters.

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When it comes to comfort and feature-rich kayaks, the Sea Ghost 130 is exceptional. Weight capacity, the four top-loading gear tracks, multiple storage options, adjustable Hero Seat, watertight bow hatch, wide hull, and built-rudder are some of the main features that put this fishing kayak in its own league.

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