Cheap Poling Platform DIY Ideas

If you’re a boating enthusiast working on a budget, you may be wondering if there are cheap poling platform DIY ideas that could work for you. Your best bet is probably going to a general welding shop specializing in aluminum fabrication. It will undoubtedly be more affordable than getting it from a marine aluminum fabricator. With a budget of $100 to $200, you can have an excellent poling platform from a local welding shop. To cut the costs even further, you can buy the aluminum tubing from a regular hardware shop, cut it to specs, and then have it welded at a local welding shop.

Cheap Poling Platform DIY Idea for a Jon Boat

To build a DIY poling platform for a Jon boat, make sure your skiff is wider, or the extender is narrower if you choose to use a tailgate extender. Many metal fabricators make them for midsized trucks that are a little narrower. However, you need to be careful getting up and down since there is no step. So, if the width of your transom area is around 4 feet, you’ll probably need a smaller one.

Alternatively, you can make a cheap DIY poling platform using structural PVC, fiberglass, and wood. This approach particularly works great for12ft aluminum skiffs and will hold up for several years. Even if you weigh over 220lbs, you’ll have no problem using it once you get your sea legs. 

Do you have any cheap poling platform DIY ideas that worked for you? Feel free to share it with us in the comment ox below!

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