KA Lae Cliff Jumping Experiences and Safety

KA Lae, also known as South Point, is the perfect spot for thrill-seekers looking to have a cliff jumping experience of their lives. Located in Hawaii, KA Lae is the world’s edge since it stands out as the southernmost cliff of the US. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a cliff jumping enthusiast, there is nothing quite like KA Lae cliff jumping.

South Point has a rich history. The first human activities at KA Lae date back to 750 AD when the Polynesians initially landed there. You are likely to come across ancient Polynesian artifacts, relics, and shrines when you visit the site. 

How to Get to KA Lae Cliff Jumping Spot

Getting to KA Lae cliff jump is pretty straightforward. You can use online maps to determine the shortest route to the site. It is worth noting that driving along the winding roads that lead to the spot is a fantastic experience. You will encounter picturesque views of Hawaii’s southern countryside on the way. 

Note that the parking spots for South Point are situated on rough terrain. Therefore, it would be best to park on the side of the paved road. You can also consider coming with a raised vehicle such as an all-terrain SUV.  

If you want to have the best experience on the road leading up to South Point, you should consider renting a vehicle. Driving yourself will enable you to discover adjacent attractions such as sand beaches. You will also be able to make random stops to take in the natural beauty of the Hawaiian countryside. 

The 10-mile road leading to KA Lae is relatively narrow. If it is your first time driving on the road, you need to drive carefully, and you will get to South Point just fine. The goal is to have the time of your life during the entire South Point cliff jumping expedition. 

How Safe Is It to Cliff Jump at KA Lae?

When you look at the sheer height of the South Point cliff jump, it is only natural to ask yourself whether the cliff jump is safe. Well, cliff jumping at KA Lae is pretty safe. The cliff stands above an ocean cave, so the risk of slamming onto the cliff wall is relatively low.

The distance between the top of the cliff and the ocean surface is 40 feet, and the ocean cave directly below the cliff is approximately 20-feet deep. As such, the chances of hitting the rocks on the seafloor are pretty slim. 

KA Lae cliff jumping is also safe because the cliff wall does not have rock protrusions. The cliff has two ladders that are ten feet apart and run the cliff’s height. In the past, the ladders acted as boat hoists since building a dock was impractical. 

Cliff jumping
Cliff jumping

The safest point to jump is close to the ladders since early inhabitants positioned the ladders directly above the ocean cave. However, you should take extreme caution when you jump on spots further away from the ladders. The ladders enable you to climb back up to the clifftop after taking your plunge. 

Notably, the ladders make your cliff jumping experience safer. However, it would help to observe safety precautions when scaling your way back to the clifftop. Remember that your water-soaked clothes are much heavier than dry clothes. The extra weight can make the ladders sway around and lead you to loosen your grip. 

When you go cliff jumping at KA Lae, you should also enhance your safety and other people’s by paying attention to the people around you. The last thing you want is to collide with people swimming in the water directly below the cliff. Also, make sure that you keep a safe distance from other people when taking your plunge to avoid colliding mid-air. 

Is It Advisable to Swim at KA Lae?

While KA Lae is a superb spot for cliff jumping, it is not ideal for swimming. The area has strong currents, deep water, and rocky cliffs. The Halawa Current is robust enough to drag swimmers away from the ocean cave at the bottom of the cliff. It is worth noting that South Point is an excellent fishing location since ocean currents merge there. 

The Robust Winds of KA Lae

KA Lae has powerful winds that move along its coastline. Whenever you visit South Point, ensure that you do not have light belongings such as loose hats. The spectacular offshore wind farm at South Point takes advantage of the area’s strong winds. 

The robust winds that characterize the KA Lae coastline also contribute to rough seas. So, avoid swimming in the undulating sea waters anytime you take a cliff jump. The strong winds also cause the coastal trees to sway, making for an incredible sight to behold. 

Tips for Going to South Point

When going KA Lae cliff jumping, wear a firm hat and avoid wearing light clothing to prevent them from being blown away. Be sure to visit other tourist hotspots close to KA Lae to enjoy all that the Hawaiian coast has to offer. 

You are responsible for your safety whenever you go cliff jumping at KA Lae. So, take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries. Set up a picnic since there are no facilities at KA Lae. You will only find local vendors selling various treats and snacks, including coffee, pineapples, and chocolate. 

More importantly, carry a good camera to capture the picturesque Hawaiian countryside and other attractions at KA Lae. 

Final Thoughts

If you are an adrenaline junkie or someone who loves extreme sports, KA Lae cliff jumping is worth trying. South Point cliff jumping is a wholesome experience that enables you to literally jump off the edge of the world. It is worth noting that taking a plunge at KA Lae poses minimal risk to your safety since the cliff is only 40 feet high and has no rock protrusions. The area is at the bottom of the cliff is an ocean cave. So, consider driving to South Point to have the time of your life. 

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