Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas Holidays

While there are several great holiday gift guides online, getting your special angler a great fly fishing stocking stuffer could be a god-sent. And since fly rods don’t fit quite well in a stocking, our team of experts has put together this guide on innovative but inexpensive fly fishing stocking stuffer ideas for passionate anglers. Let’s jump right in!

Who Needs a Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffer?

Fly fishing is both an art and a science. Fly fisherman are some of the most passionate and involved anglers that I have ever met and shopping for them can be tough, but we have found great stocking stuffer ideas that will please even the most discriminating fly fisherman.

So, if your loved one enjoys this fulfilling sport, why not get a personally crafted fly fishing stocking stuffer for them this Christmas?

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36 Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

The goal of this guide is to make it as easy as possible for you to find your angling loved one a great gift this holiday season. Many of these gifts are general and will apply to most anglers, while others are fly-fishing specific. In no particular order or preference, here are our top 36 fly fishing stocking stuffer ideas to consider this Christmas Holiday:

1. Ultimate Fly Fishing Lanyard

Fly fisherman love their lanyards. A fly fishing lanyard goes around the neck and keeps all of the fly fisherman’s tools easily accessible. The Ultimate lanyard is our number one choice here at Fisherman’s Authority. It will make a great stocking stuffer for the fly fisherman in your life.

Ultimate Fly Fishing Lanyard

2. LEATHERMAN Wave Multi Tool

Every fisherman loves a high quality multi tool and the Leatherman Wave is the best fly fishing multi tool available today. It is light, compact and will fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking. Give your fly fisherman a gift that he will truly love and use regularly.

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

3. Waterproof Slim Fly Box 

Fly boxes are a must-have for every angler. Boxes are made of super-thin but very secure material. They have high-density rubber seals and are fitted with magnetic inserts in each of the two compartments. These boxes have more space to store larger flies like streamers and San Juan worms.

Waterproof Slim Fly Box 

4. Fly Fishing Dreams Wall Calendar 

David Lambroughton and his fishing photographer friends spend many hours searching for good places to cast flies and produce this lovely calendar. Made using environmentally friendly processes and using chlorine-free FSC-certified paper and vegetable-based inks, this lovely 16-month calendar has been beautifully photographed and printed.

Fly Fishing Dreams Wall Calendar 

5. Hand Warmers

Put one of these in your wader or jacket pocket to keep warm while you swing for steel. It is also available at most fly shops, sporting goods stores, gas stations, and the like. Or, click this link to order them online.

Hand Warmers

6. Dr. Slick 3″ Ceramic Bobbin 

If you know your favorite angler also ties the flies they fish with, you can buy them this little fly-tying tool for Christmas. You can never have too many bobbins for tying flies. Bobbins are critical for properly tensioning your thread as you wrap it around flies to tie them securely and evenly, applying the threat exactly as you desire. This bobbin has a special feature that allows you to maintain a perfectly tensioned bobbin on the thread spool. When the bobbin is rotated, the threat is applied very smoothly without error.

Dr. Slick 3" Ceramic Bobbin

7. Plano Fly Boxes

Plenty of expensive fly boxes are available, but for very simple things like storing a bunch of salmon and steelhead flies, simple Plano boxes are the way to go. We like the 3600 model, which is currently available for only about $4 on Amazon.

Plano Fly Box

8. All Fishermen are Liars by John Gierach 

Gifts of books are a great idea, whether they go in a stocking or on a shelf. John Gierach’s witty style comes out at its finest in this fishing book. It’s wry, contemplative, and very lively. All Fishermen Are Liars is undoubtedly a joy to read and is considered the next best thing after fishing itself. John’s grizzled, laconic persona is entirely engaging with the voice of the common angler on The Wall Street Journal.

All Fishermen are Liars

9. Stonfo Rotodubbing Tool 

This fly-tying tool makes looping very easy. Ball bearings inside the Twister unit provide super smooth operation. If you know your friend or loved one is tying flies, this is another must-have tool that makes it easier. 

Stonfo Rotodubbing Tool 

10. Loon’s Stanley Ice Off Paste

This is a great gift for anglers who fish hard even when the water temperature drops to freezing. It works wonders to keep ice off the guides when fishing in extremely cold conditions. If your fly fisherman fishes in cold weather, this is must have winter fly fishing gear.

Loon's Stanley Ice Off Paste

11. Easy Carry Duct Tape

We don’t need to tell you that duct tape can fix anything, you already know. It’s funny, but I just added some black tape to my Honda seats that are not going to make it through winter without a quick fix. It fixes almost anything!

Duct tape rolls are too big, that’s a given. These are actually little rolls that are much more convenient to carry around in a pocket or from a carabiner. Now you can help that fisherman/woman in your life to become the handiest person on the water by always having duct tape at hand!

Easy Carry Duct Tape

12. Loon Ergo Arrow Point Scissors 

These scissors are a perfect tool for cutting thread while tying flies in tight places, but they are capable of more. For instance, if your car dies in the middle of a snowstorm, you can fashion a spear from a branch and use the duct tape above to fasten these super-sharp arrow-point scissors to the tip as a spear and go hunt rabbits.

These scissors have been upgraded to be ergonomically correct and feature stainless steel blades. They easily cut braided lines, fly tying thread, fishing lines of any type, and cloth. They’re very comfortable, and the quality is excellent.

Loon Ergo Arrow Point Scissors 

13. Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips 

This tool is indispensable when creating dubbing or other loops. It’s made of strong plastic and has rough locking edges that allow you to hold onto the fibers securely. There are two pieces in one.

Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips 

14. Angler’s Magnetic Hook Box

Fishing with stinger hooks is very popular for some fly fishers. If you have a particular fisherman on your Christmas list who likes to fish with stinger hooks, get them this magnetic hook box and tell them it’s for all their free hooks – also great for small flies as everything with a hook is held firmly on the bottom of the box by the strong magnet. Trust us, they’ll like this!

Angler's Magnetic Hook Box

15. Gold Bond Powder

Do not let smelly, moldy, stinky rubber waders get you down! Adding a little bit of Gold Bond powder to your waders each morning while on your fishing trip will help keep them fresh. It’s probably at your local pharmacy, and you can pick it up right here online too.

Gold Bond Powder

16. Tie Fast Knot Tyer 

Tying nail knots is now easier than ever before with this handy tool. This makes it much easier to tie the fishing leader line to the fly line with the nail knot. Otherwise, when trying to hand tie it, it can be more difficult. It’s a nice tool manufactured with stainless steel, and it comes with instruction cards with photo diagrams showing how to tie 15 fishing knots! A definite must-have this Christmas!

Tie Fast Knot Tyer 

17. Loon Ergo Whip Finisher 

You’ll get even better results with your flies when you use the right whip finisher. This is the right one you’ve been waiting for! This classic whip has a sharp edge and a nice, ergonomically designed handle. The tip is sharpened so you can finish your flies and clip your thread with one tool.

Loon Ergo Whip Finisher

18. Airlock Strike Indicators

You can never have too many indicators for nymph fishing on the stream or lake bottom, and this set is one of the coolest we have seen! Choose the size of the 3-pack set you want today. Yes, all fly-fishing enthusiasts need these too!

Airlock Strike Indicators

19. Loon Line Up Kit

For fly fishing, the fly line itself is expensive and requires some cleaning after a few uses. This Loon Line Speed cream is a great line cleaning kit that anyone can use to keep their fly lines in brand-new condition and UV protected. The kit contains everything you need to clean your fly line with the easiest tool available. Included in the kit are Line Speed cream and a Line Cleaning Tool.

Loon Line Up Kit

20. Guide to Fly Fishing Knots 

This user-friendly guide from Larry Notley (ha!) has been around since 1999 and has over 500 reviews and a very high rating. This book is illustrated, helpful, and easy to understand. It will help you land more fish in the net because you’ll have fewer slipped and broken knots. Larry teaches you how to tie several different types of knots for different fish species and situations.

It includes guides on how to tie lines to flies, and how to attach lines of the same and different diameters together line-to-line. It covers fly lines, leaders, and tippets.

Twenty different fly fishing knots are covered in this guide, with concise and easy-to-follow illustrations showing each step. Whether you fish saltwater or freshwater, this handy book is perfect for keeping in your fishing vest, boat, car, or backpack.

Guide to Fly Fishing Knots

21. Prismacolor Markers

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for someone in your family, or a close friend who you know ties his/her own fishing flies, these markers are a great gift. What can you use markers for? For coloring the flies (lures). These are waterproof markers that are very safe and available in a wide range of colors to help you match the colors of your fly to those found in the area you’re fishing. It’s perfect for marking material or for making your own flies.

Prismacolor Markers

22. Rio Powerflex Tapered Leaders for Trout

RIO’s Powerflex leaders provide unmatched turn-over for efficient wind penetration and easy casting of flies in any condition. Each leader is made from a highly durable, high-performance copolymer line with a taper to help you cast more effectively.

Rio Powerflex Tapered Leaders for Trout

23. Aquaseal 

Fly fishing requires getting into the water a lot of the time. Waders, the things that are supposed to keep you dry, can rip or puncture sometimes. Duct tape may work, but what’s even better is this Aquaseal. It’s very good with rips, holes, and weak spots in the waterproof gear you use for fly fishing.

Waterproof, flexible, and tough, it can easily repair just about anything you need to remain waterproof. Use to repair waders, boots, wetsuits, inner tubes, and other water sports equipment. If the fix is applied correctly, it’s a lifetime seal. 

So, whether you want to cast flies until the sun goes down or just stay dry with a hole in your rain hat, Aquaseal FD will save the day. At just under $10 per tube, we don’t think any fly-fishing angler should travel without it.


24. Bull Frog Mosquito Coast

You can carry sunblock and bug spray in your bag, or just use Bull Frog Mosquito Coast because it’s both in one. It’s a nice combination of insect repellent and sunblock. It’s very easy to apply with the spray nozzle and it works well.

Bull Frog Mosquito Coast

25. Loon UV Knot Sense 

Another product we love from Loon. This Knot Sense quickly sets knots firm as you’re making flies for fishing. It smoothes and makes the edges of your knots stronger. You just hold it under a UV bench light, UV Nano Light, or in the bright sun. It’s perfect for repairing ruined flies or tying new ones.

Loon UV Knot Sense 

26. Orvis Silipint 

Silipints are 22 oz. tumblers with a non-slip bottom, straw, and BPA-free and food-grade quality. These are great for camping, grilling, fishing, and just about anything else that requires a long-lasting and flexible (nearly unbreakable) container for your drink.

Orvis Silipint 

27. Zap-a-Gap Super Glue

We use ‘Zap’ to do everything from knotting fly lines to fixing reels and rods and shoes. This bonds very hard, like rock, so it isn’t ideal for soft things like rubber, soft plastic, etc. We do think that no outdoorsman should be without it.

Zap-a-Gap Super Glue

28. Transpore Surgical Tape

This tape is waterproof, stretchy, and breathable and can be used for anything requiring medical tape. Should be a part of every first aid kit!

Transpore Surgical Tape

29. Fishpond Face Stick SPF 

Protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays outside with an all-natural sunscreen, Face Stick. They created this with the environment in mind, it’s even safe for divers and snorkelers to use and won’t affect the reefs.

Fishpond Reef Safe Face Stick

30. Simms Field Repair Kit 

Being able to make some riverside repairs can save the day! With Quick-drying AQUASEAL UV and Tenacious Tape, you can make patches for immediate on-the-water repairs for your waders and rain gear. It comes with all the necessary material for large or dozens of small repairs. Dry Instant Repair Kit includes two large tape patches (3-inch diameter each) and a 0.25 oz tube of AQUASEAL® UV to permanently bond to your surface. It also comes with detailed instructions.

Simms Field Repair Kit

31. Silicone Molded Fly Patch 

After fly fishing, dry flies aren’t dry, they need some time to dry out. This fish-shaped silicon boat patch can stick anywhere (3M adhesive backing) and provide a great place to hang your flies to dry out properly. This waterproof patch is big enough to hold large and small flies. Stick it to boats, tying benches, or vehicles.

Silicone Molded Boat Patch 

32. Loon Rogue Nippers 

One tool anglers just cannot live without is a good pair of nippers (clippers). Loon Rogue Nippers have been engineered with surgical-quality steel and feature a nice comfortable grip for easy use. They are comfortable enough to hold and use for long periods of time. They have straight cutting edges and have a pointed needle at the other end to clean the eye of flies, lures, or anything that is clogged up. This is an ideal tool to hang from your fishing lanyard!

Loon Rogue Nippers 

33. Loon Rogue Zinger 

We use these zingers for holding tools and fly fishing nets. The cable stretches 22 inches and then retracts, keeping the tools out of the way while you are fishing. These make great stocking stuffers.

Loon Rogue Zinger

34. Maxima SharkTooth Cutter/Tippet Retainers

This is probably the best way to tame all of your tippet spools. Several sizes are available in red and yellow, and some of them fit those pesky Maxima leader wheels well. You can buy them for about $5 per 2 Pack.

Maxima SharkTooth Cutter:Tippet Retainers

35. Hair Ties

Rod Straps, hair ties, or elastics are great for holding your broken-down rod together while you hop from one run to the next. They hold your rod pieces together for safe travelling.

Hair Ties

36. Disposable Lens Cleaning Wipes

Boat spray, sunscreen, dirt, fish slime, and everything else that can get on your fishing glasses can also get into your eyes and irritate them. These disposable lens wipes work instantly to remove saltwater residue, grime, and slime from your glasses and instrument panels in one easy step.

Disposable Lens Cleaning Wipes

Wrapping Up

It’s that time of year again when your chance to show your loved ones what they mean to you has arrived! The radio plays Christmas carols you’ve been singing since you were a kid and Christmas trees and decorations are adorning your home and friends’ homes. The season is upon us!

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One of the easiest ways to shop for Christmas is to get stocking stuffers. Just some small gifts that you don’t have to think too much about because they’re cheap enough to buy a couple. If someone you love or care for really loves fly fishing, any of these gifts will be appreciated, even if they already have it. You can never have too much fishing gear! You’ll never go wrong with some really useful fly fishing gifts. 

So, feel confident about choosing some gifts from above. We’ve highlighted plenty of them that will put a smile on their faces – and yours.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and we wish you a happy and productive new year!

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