Deep Dropping For Swordfish

Deep Dropping For Swordfish

One of the most challenging and biggest fish you’ll ever have the chance to catch in your life is the mighty swordfish. There aren’t too many fish you have to be very careful about pulling onto the boat, but this is one of them. People die catching even small swordfish. They can launch themselves out … Read more

Lower Chesapeake Bay Fishing Hot Spots

Lower Chesapeake Bay Fishing Hot Spots

Chesapeake Bay is a large bay on the U.S. east coast that borders three states and spans a length of about 200 miles long from Havre De Grace, Maryland at the northernmost tip all the way down to Norfolk, Virginia at the southern tip. The lower half of the bay is considered by many people … Read more

Crappie Fishing Tips 101: How To Catch More Fish

Crappie Fishing Success

Crappie fishing is a favorite type of fishing because you can do it year around. Like all fishing adventures, it can be enjoyable and rewarding but challenging. Crappie are fish that can be caught from shore, boat, or float tube.They are excellent eating fish. If prepared correctly, they have a beautiful white meat and texture. … Read more

Can You Use a Baitcaster on A Spinning Rod?

Fisherman using a baitcaster

So, you have a baitcasting reel laying around and you also have an old spinning rod, and you are wondering, can you use a baitcaster on a spinning rod? Technically, the baitcasting reel will physically attach to the spinning rod, but it will not work correctly or proficiently. Keep reading below and we will explain exactly why … Read more

Best Place to Fish in Azsuna

Best place to fish in Azsuna

Azsuna was a powerful gem of the mighty Night Elf Empire. Many of the empire’s buildings are gone, and they are now homes to vengeful elves and secret enclaves of blue dragons. The best place to fish in Azsuna is the waters around the Nar’thalas Academy. There are a handful of fishing spots just off … Read more

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp Fish?

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp

Carp are an invasive species in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They are non-native species that have been introduced into waterways and in some cases took them over and pushed out native fish species. Many programs have been tried in an attempt to kill carp fish and there are more in development. One of … Read more

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide for Beginners

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide

Sarasota is located in a prime fishing location, right in the middle of some of the best saltwater fishing areas on Florida’s west coast. With Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples in the south and Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and Tampa just north, you really couldn’t ask for a better location.Check out Sarasota on your maps … Read more

Summer Bass Fishing Tips From The Experts At Fisherman’s Authority

Trophy Bass on a swim bait lure

In this post the author shares 10 expert summer bass fishing tips to help you catch more fish, including lures, cover, bait, and fishing rods. We also describe how to choose the right fishing equipment for your needs.Find Cover, Find BassWhen we think about finding cover, we often think about lily pads, logs, tree limbs, … Read more

Best Baits for Sheepshead: How to Catch and Rig


Sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) are some of the best tasting fish in the ocean. I’m not exaggerating. When I first caught one years ago I didn’t know there was any fuss over them. I caught my first one in some mangroves at Ft. DeSoto park in southern Pinellas County by accident. I threw it in … Read more

Top Texas Fish Species and Where to Catch Them

Texas Wahoo

If you live outside of Texas, you may not think the Lonestar state (1 star on their state flag) is filled with freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers or that much of the coast borders the Gulf of Mexico. But it has a lot of water for fishing! Texas is home to a variety of different … Read more