Best Place to Fish in Azsuna

Azsuna was a powerful gem of the mighty Night Elf Empire. Many of the empire’s buildings are gone, and they are now homes to vengeful elves and secret enclaves of blue dragons. The best place to fish in Azsuna is the waters around the Nar’thalas Academy. There are a handful of fishing spots just off the pagoda-type structures. Additionally, there is a spot in the middle of the lake where giants pass through. The water often gets shallow enough to stand on, and it’s very close to a ghostly queen fish node.

You should note that Azsuna has been overrun by a band of rebel elves, an army of nagas, and the Burning Legion. This mystical island and zone in the Broken Isles is home to the ghosts of the night elves that lived there before the Great Sundering. There are still ghosts of night elf people in this area, along with remnants of a blue dragonfly. Nightfall remains very present here. Azsuna was not destroyed during the Great Sundering but was destroyed many years ago by Azshara herself. Here, the heroes of Azeroth and the men of Azshara were arguing about the importance of the “Tidestone of Golganneth”.

History of Azsuna Fishing Spots

Azsuna was once home to more than ten thousand elves. Queen Azshara made a deal with the demon lord Sargeras, but that was pretty much what her people agreed to. Prince Farondis was one of those who defied Queen Azshara. He was one of the Queen’s trusted advisors and regularly communicated with the highborn elves of Zin-Azshara, but his palace was many leagues away from the elven capital. So, he was able to observe the influence that Sargeras had on the Highborn court without succumbing to the temptations of the demon lord.

Farondis’ plan was bold but simple: run down the well which leads to the city of Zishar. If they were successful, they would close the portal to the realm of Sargeras and stop the evil storm before it started. In order to do that, he would use an ancient artifact from the Academy called the “Tidestone of Golganneth”. The artifact is the powerful power that the Tidestone can give to anyone who uses it.

Unfortunately, the Queen’s influence in Prince Farondis’ palace was already very strong. Vandross, a nobleman who served in Farondis’court, heard of Farondis’ plans to defy the Queen. He reported the plot to the Queen. Azshara did not waste any time in punishing Farondis and his followers. In a display of arcane power, she went on to destroy the great stone at Golganneth, unleashing huge dark energy over Azsuna and its people.

Since that time, the elves of Azsuna have not been able to release death, and their spirits have wandered aimlessly across the land indefinitely. Order of the Silver Hand sent troops into the region during the invasion of Azsuna when they discovered a small group of demons in the area and heard rumors that they report to Balnazzar. But they were led by a king who was killed by the paladins, Pitlord Argamemm.

The Best Place to Fish in Azuna

Fishing is getting a major overhaul in the new Legion expansion. This guide will show you what has remained the same, what changed, and what’s new. There are several new fish to catch in Legion: new types of fish species, fishing global quests, fresh fishing weapons (Legion Fishing Artifact, Patch 7.3.5 Underlight Angler) and more! Fishing was fun and useful in Draenor, but the new fishing abilities and equipment in Legion will make it even better and more rewarding.

Water Striders

Water Striders like Reins of the Azure Water Strider and the Reins of the Crimson Water Strider are still useful even though Blizzard only allowed them in the released expansions. Mounts allow you to walk on water and give a slight advantage to other players who want to explore the world, as there is no way to fly in the game yet. If an enemy hits you, it will stop you from walking on the water. However, it does not dismount you. It is very difficult to obtain one in time for Blizzard to release the new Legion game, so if you have not yet obtained one, now is a great time to start!

  • Reins of a Water Strider – You can purchase this in your garrison from a vendor named Nat Pagle for 100 Nat’s lucky coins.
  • Reins of the Azure Water Strider – You can purchase it for 4,000 once you have earned Exalted Status with The Anglers. Cows that go into the attic are not included.
Best place to fish in Azsuna

Fishing Rafts

Blizzard wanted to remove the ability for players to use a fishing raft in Legion but chose to keep it in. Anglers Fishing Raft allows a player to walk on water and still move faster than normal by pressing the jump button on their raft. This allows players to float in the water and reach fishing areas that are a good distance from the coast. If you get hit by an enemy, the raft will no longer work. The buff is good for 10 minutes and can be recast as many times as you want.

Anglers Fishing Raft can be bought for 800 if you become associated with The Anglers. I know it doesn’t make sense for an elk to sit on a raft in the middle of the sea, but believe me, it is strange.

Fish Flesh

The mechanic of turning huge saber fish into fleshy parts (Crescent Saberfish Flesh ) is not carried over from previous releases of Legion. Instead of carving up small pieces of fish, you can use whole fish for cooking and being a skilled fisherman. Using this method, you will save space in your bags and time in your guild bank organizing.

Fish Sizes

The fish flesh has been removed from the waters, and the three tiers of different fish sizes (Small Crescent Saberfish, Crescent Saberfish, and Enormous Crescent Saberfish) in Legion! Anglers will no longer have to get just a few more fish to get a number that will turn out to be a number.

Fishing at Any Level

You can start fishing when you are first leveled, and work your way up to the required level to start fishing when you are able to obtain the required level. It isn’t necessary for you to catch a lot of fish at once. All you have to do is mix up several mollusks into one fish. Fish can be landed on any level.

Fishing Artifact Weapon

Fishing rods are the first of a new type of artifact that will appear with the Legion expansion. Fishing artifact weapons require a lot of work to obtain. They aren’t given to you automatically; it takes a lot of fishing to get them. It is possible to get the Legion Fishing Artifact Patch 7.3.5 Underlight Angler by playing the game in the mod.

Unlocking Legion Fishing Locations

Marcia Chase will take you to a nearby coin fountain in Dalaran. It is necessary to have 675 special skills to be able to fish in the Legion.

Common Fish

This table lists all the fish that can be caught in Legion, listing their habitats, their catches, and their rarity. It also shows if they can be caught in a pool. All kinds of fish are used in crafting professions.

FishZonesRarityRarity (%)Pools
Silver MackerelAnyCommon80No
Cursed QueenfishAzsunaUncommon20Yes
Highmountain SalmonHighmountainUncommon20Yes
Mossgill PerchVal’sharahUncommon20Yes
Runescale KoiSuramarUncommon20Yes
Black BarracudaThe Great SeaUncommon20No

Special Fish

The table below shows a complete list of all of the rare fish that can be caught in Legion, with details such as their location in the different areas, the zone where they can be caught, their rarity and catch rates, and if they can be caught in a particular area or in a specific pool. Fish that are special are used for a specific purpose, like providing Ancient Mana.

FishZonesRarityRarity (%)Pools
Leyscale KoiSuramarUncommon20No

Rare Fish

All rare fish must complete the achievement. Catching rare fish requires a series of lures. To catch Leyshimmer Blenny, you must fish with a skrog toenail. These lures will attract murlocs which will then drop Aromatic Murloc Slime when they are killed. Generally, the catch rate of rare lures is higher in pools.

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