Florida Surf Fishing Species and How To Catch Them

Florida Surf Fishing Species

One of the coolest things about living in Florida is the sheer number of Florida surf fishing species that can be caught from the beach. There are many more we haven’t added to this list of 15, but this is a good “Top 15” list of fish that can regularly be caught while fishing from … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Surf Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

Surf Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

Surf fishing on Florida’s Gulf Coast is a thrilling experience that combines the excitement of fishing with the serenity of miles of sandy coastline and crystal-clear breaking waves. Thousands of visitors and locals flock to the Gulf Coast of Florida to spend time beach fishing in these fish-filled waters.In this guide to surf fishing Florida … Read more

How To Catch Peacock Bass In Florida

South Florida Peacock Bass

Peacock bass are one of the most popular fish to catch in South Florida. They’re large, beautiful, and very aggressive predators that feed on a variety of species such as shiners and even small turtles. These fish are true amazons, with brilliant colors and a ferocious appetite. But if you want to catch these magnificent creatures … Read more

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp Fish?

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp

Carp are an invasive species in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They are non-native species that have been introduced into waterways and in some cases took them over and pushed out native fish species. Many programs have been tried in an attempt to kill carp fish and there are more in development. One of … Read more

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide for Beginners

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide

Sarasota is located in a prime fishing location, right in the middle of some of the best saltwater fishing areas on Florida’s west coast. With Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples in the south and Bradenton, St. Petersburg, and Tampa just north, you really couldn’t ask for a better location.Check out Sarasota on your maps … Read more

KA Lae Cliff Jumping Experiences and Safety

KA Lae Cliff Jumping

KA Lae, also known as South Point, is the perfect spot for thrill-seekers looking to have a cliff jumping experience of their lives. Located in Hawaii, KA Lae is the world’s edge since it stands out as the southernmost cliff of the US. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a cliff jumping enthusiast, there … Read more

How to Carry a Fly Fishing Net Like a Pro

In this guide, we highlight a few tips on how to carry a fly fishing net to prevent damage and make the most out of it.

A fly fishing net, also known as a landing net, is an essential item on all fly fishing excursions for anyone who enjoys the sport. You need a net because it helps you scoop the fish out of the water before it can free itself from the hook and get away.Fish get really active as … Read more