Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster Explained: Which Is Better and Why?

Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster

Some people argue over which one is better, the spinning reel vs baitcaster reel. Some people refuse to use one or the other. Still, others have both and use them as needed.Which reel is better for your fishing activity?The answer is, you must decide which reel is best for how you’re fishing. Most of us … Read more

How To Catch Peacock Bass In Florida

South Florida Peacock Bass

Peacock bass are one of the most popular fish to catch in South Florida. They’re large, beautiful, and very aggressive predators that feed on a variety of species such as shiners and even small turtles. These fish are true amazons, with brilliant colors and a ferocious appetite. But if you want to catch these magnificent creatures … Read more

Best Rod for Shimano SLX DC

Best Rod For Shimano SLX DC

The Shimano SLX DC provides top of the line performance without the expensive price tag that you will find with most of the Shimano DC series. This is one of our favorite baitcasting reels for beginners and experienced anglers alike, but what is the best rod for the shimano SLX DC? In case you are not … Read more

Summer Bass Fishing Tips From The Experts At Fisherman’s Authority

Trophy Bass on a swim bait lure

In this post the author shares 10 expert summer bass fishing tips to help you catch more fish, including lures, cover, bait, and fishing rods. We also describe how to choose the right fishing equipment for your needs.Find Cover, Find BassWhen we think about finding cover, we often think about lily pads, logs, tree limbs, … Read more